How might we improve the experience of looking for an apartment in Dublin.

Letmee – Desktop app concept

Search and apply for apartments in all in one user-friendly app.

1. Introduction

1.1 Background

I have been living in Dublin for 6 years now and looking for a new apartment in the open market here is very stressful and time consuming.


1.2 Defining the problem

 There is no app/website on the Irish market that has all the features needed while having a high usability.


1.3 The Solution

Creating a simple, user-friendly app with all the needed features and high usability to make the experience of looking for an apartment in Dublin much better.

2. Process


I created a list of requirements which will guide me through creating the main task flow. 

As a user I should be able to: 

  1. Search for the apartments using various parameters
  2. View details about the apartments
  3. Apply for the apartments
  4. Track the process of application
  5. Communicate with agents
  6. Save the searches

Task flow / Low fidelity wireframe

3. High Fidelity Mockups , visual design

High fidelity mockups

Thank you.

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